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We cooperate with 4 Universities and we created a dedicated system enabling quick analysis of medical tests in only 10 minutes and application for the detection of infectious diseases of veterinary importance. So we provide a comprehensive tool for managing a swine farm provides the necessary information about test results, comparing them with previous results, storing information, compressing it and classifying into an understandable source of information.


1. The software is safe, universal, easy to use and available regardless of the equipment used.
2. A properly designed database will provide access to current and accurate information and statistics.
3. Each animal is analysed for sanitary health.
4. Reducing the costs associated with the treatment of animals.


• Farms:
1. Genetic Selection Farms
2. Multiplication or Breeding Farms
3. Piglet Farms (Shell the animal after weaning)
4. Fattening Farms
5. Mixes
• Laboratories
• Official Animal health Centres
• Veterinarians


1. Detection of major pathogens of respiratory diseases (PCV2, PRRSV, SIV, Mhyo) and digestive diseases (PDEV, TGEV, rotavirus) of swine.
2. Development of multiplex antigen detection tests based on Lateral Flow Assays
3. Development of antibody- and aptamer-sandwich microarray assays
4. Comparison of LFA and Microarray-based prototypes with gold-standard antigen detection tests: PCR and DAS-ELISA

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